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Oral Care 101

Dog and toothbrush

February is Pet Dental month!

You clearly recognize the importance and benefits of having a mouth full of healthy teeth and gums, so why the lack of interest when it comes to your furry children’s chompers? Like oral health problems in humans, a lack of regular and attentive care when it comes to your pets’ teeth can have serious implications. Emerging information from veterinary studies has associated heart, kidney and liver problems in addition to other systemic health conditions, to pets with poor oral health.

Signs and Symptoms of Dental Disease:

  • Bad breath
  • Red, swollen and or bleeding gums
  • Yellow-brown deposits like cement along the gum line or on the crowns
  • Becoming a picky eater
  • Eating on one side and dropping food
  • Rubbing face on the ground, pawing at the mouth and drooling
  • Personality change, irritability and depression

Pet parents often underestimate the steps that need to be taken with their pet’s teeth in order to help maintain good health. To ensure that oral health problems don’t interfere with your pet’s quality of life, pets should have their teeth brushed on a regular basis.

For the best dental care results, try the following tips and tricks:

  1. Ask one of the Healthy Pet Care Specialists at your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store to demonstrate the proper technique for daily brushing.
  2. Never use human toothpaste, as the foaming agents can pose health risks to pets.
  3. If you are not able to brush your dog’s teeth, there are other options when you’re in between vet visits. Consider using oral rinses made especially for dogs.  Slurp ‘N Fresh and Tropiclean, two brands that you’ll find in your Global Pet Foods stores, are ideal for keeping the mouths of dogs and cats healthier.
  4. While many brands of dry pet food incorporate dental benefits, incorporating special dental treats formulated to reduce tartar, plaque build-up, and stains is another option for pet parents to be proactive in preventing oral health problems.

You will find a wide variety of new and improved dental products for cats and dogs in your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store.   Our Healthy Pet Care Specialists are happy to help you!  To find a Global Pet Foods store near you, visit

We want to see your pet’s smile!

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Healthy Pets

Global Pet Foods: Celebrating Healthy Pets in 2013

As Canada’s Healthy Choice for Pets, Global Pet Foods is stepping up our efforts in 2013 to provide more education to help pet parents improve the health of their pets.

Global Pet Foods believes that there are four elements that are key to caring for pets – Mind+Body+Soul+Spirit. We celebrate pet parents who are incorporating these elements into the care of their furry children on a daily basis!

We were thrilled to see pet parents post on our Global Pet Foods Facebook page as to what steps that they are taking to keep their companion pets healthy in 2013.  The pet care specialists at your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store can provide pet parents with advice related to nutrition, pet care, and selecting the right treats, toys, accessories, etc. so that companion pets are happy and healthy.

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February 10, 2013 · 9:00 am


Global Pet Foods Show Us Your Heart Campaign

What an awesome story about a little girl named Brooke how has a big heart!  She’s the Global Pet Foods ambassador!  What a sweetie-pie!

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February 10, 2013 · 4:52 am

Global Pet Foods – Show Us Your Heart Campaign – February 2-16, 2013

The Global Pet Foods “Show Us Your Heart” campaign is about giving pets in need the love they deserve by raising money for local animal shelters and pet rescue centres across Canada. Help turn pets without a home into a happy “tail” from February 2 -16, 2013.

Vist any Global Pet Foods store between February 2 – 16, 2013 and donate as little as $1 in our annual Show Us Your Heart™ fundraiser and Hill’s® Science Diet® and Global Pet Foods will match your donation. Buy a $5+ paper heart, Hill’s® Science Diet® and Global Pet Foods will also donate $1 and give you 10 Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles.

100% of all donations will be directed to local animal shelters or pet rescue groups. Help these deserving pets find their forever homes!

Visit for more information.

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